How to Create a YouVersion Connect Account

Updated by Geoff Hensley

Before publishing your Page, you will go through a brief verification process. YouVersion Connect is designed for churches and non-profit ministries.

Connect with other leaders at your church before signing up to make sure no one else connected to your church has created an account. Duplicate accounts will get flagged & may take longer to verify.

Create Your YouVersion Connect Account

  1. Access the signup page.
  2. Sign in with your general YouVersion account or create a new one. Learn more about best practices for your account here.
  3. Enter your church's name, address, time zone, and website.
  4. Set your primary language.
  5. Enter your weekly attendance (this is optional).
  6. Finally, confirm you are a church or non-profit ministry and are using YouVersion Connect for your ministry.
After you initially sign up, it will take our team up to 72 hours to verify your account. You will not be able to publish into the Bible App until your account has been verified.

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