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The Featured Plan highlights a recently published or seasonally relevant Plan. It enables the Plan to be isolated from the other content, making it easier for the user to find in the App. By giving the YouVersion Community just a little engage with each day, Plans are a great way to make the Bible a natural part of their life.

  1. Tap on the Featured Plan tab.
  2. Tap Add Featured Plan.
  3. If you already have a Plan featured, you will need to choose to replace the Plan with a new one.
  4. Find and add a Plan by using the Discover function. You can search by topic or book of the Bible.
Featured Plans can be selected in any language and will display on your Page, regardless of someone's app language.

Featured Plans can be started as a Private Plan or a Plan with Friends just like other non-featured Plans. This is a recommended Plan that someone should start and will not automatically start for anyone.

Once you have selected a Plan to feature on your In-App Page, you can also share that Plan through a unique link. This is a great way to promote the Plan through email, social media, & more!

  1. Tap the Featured Plan tab.
  2. Tap Copy under your set featured Plan to copy the link.
QR codes can be generated with the app icon in multiple languages

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