Overview of Featured Plans

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The Featured Plan highlights a recently published or seasonally relevant Plan, making it easy for members of your church to find. By giving them just a little to read or listen to each day, Plans are a great way to make the Bible a natural part of their everyday life.

Plan submissions that are specific to your church are not currently available.

Featured Plans can be started as a Private Plan or a Plan with Friends just like other non-featured Plans. This is a recommended Plan that someone should start and will not automatically start for anyone.

Custom Plans

Because of our generous partners, YouVersion is able to provide outstanding Bible Plans, video resources, and more to people around the world in hundreds of different languages – all completely free. 

If you have high-quality, world-class content that is relevant to the global Church and want to learn more about partnering with YouVersionexplore more here.

Location-Specific Plans

If your church has multiple locations, you can choose to select a Featured Plan that will go to all locations or pick unique Plans for each location.

The church-wide Plan will be displayed on individual location pages unless a different Plan is featured at a specific location.


When you share a Featured Plan with your community, a push notification will be sent out to everyone who has connected with your church in the App and enabled push notifications.

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