Best Practices for Signing up

Updated by Caleb Lenehan

Before you accept the invite to your YouVersion Connect account, you want to first have a basic YouVersion account. When choosing which YouVersion account to use, we have a couple of best practices to keep in mind.

Q: Is this account linked to an email address you access regularly?

Not only will you need to confirm your YouVersion account via email, we will also be sending out product updates, helpful tips, and new trainings to this email address. There will be so many good things coming your way, you will want to be able to check that email regularly!

Q: Do you want to keep your personal YouVersion usage separate from your work usage?

If so, we totally get that! We have seen a lot of leaders create a new YouVersion account that is tied to their work email. They login to their Portal account with their work YouVersion account, but still use their personal account for daily Bible reading, tracking personal prayers, and more.

Once you have signed up for a YouVersion Connect account, you will be able to invite additional people to be owners, administrators, or even just Insights viewers. Just make sure they have a personal YouVersion account set up for whatever email address you send the invite to!

Once you have your general YouVersion account set up, you are ready to accept the invite link to YouVersion Connect! We can't wait to see how God will use these tools in your ministry.

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