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5 Unique Ways to Use Posts

  1. Share a Prayer. Looking for a practical way to pastor your church throughout the week? Write out a prayer, send it through Posts, and encourage people to “like” the Post after they've prayed.
  2. Write a devotional. What better way to pastor your church daily than to share a short devotional or encouragement from God? With Posts, you can write content that your church community can see in the Bible App.
  3. Link to YouVersion Events. Are you a regular user of YouVersion Events? Now you can link to your weekly Events. Not only will this send out a push notification to your church, you will also now have data within Insights to view how many people are opening that Post to navigate to Events. (Pro-tip: you can also link to your worship service on Church Online Platform!)
  4. Add in your own message notes. Looking for a simple, streamlined digital bulletin? Now you can add your own message notes, key takeaways, and other points in a Post for your church community to follow along.
  5. Promote an event. Upcoming Christmas experiences? Unique service times? Special serving opportunity? All can be shared through Posts. Take it one step further and link to a sign-up form right there in the Post!
Bonus Tip: Help your community pass Posts along! Encourage them to Share and encourage a friend, pray for a neighbor, or invite someone to church that weekend.

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