Verification Process

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We can't wait to help your church harness the power of the Bible App —an app installed on over half a billion devices worldwide.

But you may have a couple of questions about the Verification Process.

Why are we verifying churches?

Because churches like yours are now discoverable in the Bible App (yay!), verification is a simple way to ensure that all organizations fall within our guidelines & there aren't any duplicate churches. We genuinely want this to be the best experience possible for you & your church.

How long should verification take?

We're committed to verifying your church within 72 hours of submission. If you believe your church has been waiting longer than 72 hours to hear from us, please reach out to our Support Team!

What can I do while I wait for verification?

Almost everything! Customize your Profile page, add Service Times, invite people to join as admins, and get everything else ready to go. You won't have full access to Insights until you are published and at least five people have clicked your "Set as My Church" button.

While you wait for your Profile to be verified, you may want to learn how to Introduce the Bible App and Church Profile to Your Church.
When walking through the verification process, you will gain access to publish your Profile in the Bible App if you meet certain criteria. View that criteria here.

Verification Criteria

  • You provide accurate information for the church you're associated with.
  • Your organization is clearly part of historical, mainstream Christianity.
  • There are no other submissions with the same website or physical address.

If you have any specific questions on the verification process or why your organization wasn't verified, please reach out to our Support Team.

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