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How can my church be in YouVersion?

We would love to have your church be part of our community! Prior to signing up, we suggest you set up a YouVersion general account through your church email address. You can sign up your church here, where you will also find a lot of resources to get started!

Can I create a custom plan?

Plan submissions that are specific to your church are not currently available.

Because of our generous partners, YouVersion is able to provide outstanding Bible Plans, video resources, and more to people around the world in hundreds of different languages – all completely free.

Where do I create an event?

At this time, Events are not connected to your Church Profile.

Events is a completely free feature inside the YouVersion Bible App that helps users easily connect with church events they’re attending. Churches are encouraged to sign in at with a free YouVersion account to create their own Events to appear in the Bible App.

When will my account be approved?

We can't wait to help your church harness the power of YouVersion—an app installed on over half a billion devices worldwide. We'll send you a confirmation once our team has completed the verification process, typically within 48-72 hours.

What is the difference between a Church and a Ministry in YouVersion Connect?

We define a church as a group of people who meet regularly to worship, hear the teaching of God's Word, and connect with others. Within YouVersion Connect, the Church Profile empowers churches & pastors to connect with their community throughout the week. 

Ministries are organizations who may provide content or service to their community, but do not meet as a local church. If you are a ministry who is wanting to submit content to share in the Bible App then please email

When can I publish my Church Profile?

Once your church has been verified, and you've added your logo and schedule, you'll be ready to publish your Church Profile. You can begin this process by selecting the green banner in your Church Account. Once you complete all the steps you can select the "Preview & Publish" button.

How long does it take from the time I publish my Church Profile until it can be searched and discovered in the app?

It may take 2-24 hours for the app to display your Church Profile after you publish it.

Can I share my Church Profile?

Absolutely! Once your church has been published, you can share your profile by copying the link under Church Profile.

What do I need to get my church published in the App?
  • You provide accurate information for the church you are associated with
  • Your organization is clearly part of historical, mainstream Christianity
  • There are no other submissions with the same website or physical address
What browser should I use?

At this time, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

Can I request to have my Church Profile hidden without being completely deleted?

Yes, please reach out to our Support Team to request this. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for the profile to not show up in search and discovery in the app once it’s hidden.

How can I change the email address associated with my Church Profile?

Simply email our support team ( from the email address that has the owner role associated with it. Our team will happily update your account.

How can I delete my account?

We're sorry to see you go! But if you do find that you no longer need your account, you can reach out to our Support Team & we'd be happy to get that taken care of for you!

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