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How will my church community know when a new Post is created?

This is a great opportunity to share YouVersion with your congregation! You'll want to make sure people have a YouVersion acount & are following your church in the app. When a new Post is shared, your community will be sent a push notification & email, depending on their own notification settings. Does someone need help managing their notification settings? Check out this article.

Are Posts measurable?

Yes, you will be able to view Post interactions, shares, & engagement under the Insights tab in your Portal account.

If my church has multiple campuses, will I be able to create Posts for each campus?

For multisite churches, Posts can be created at the top organization level or at the individual location level. Keep in mind that if you create a Post at the top level, it will override any current Posts at the location level.

Posts do not auto translate. If you are a multilingual church you will need to create separate, translated Posts.

Am I able to create multiple Posts at one time?

Only one Post will be visible in the Church Profile at a time. However, you will be able to share deep links to post which can pull up previous Posts.

Can I schedule a Post to publish at a later time?

At this time, Posts can not be scheduled ahead of time.

Am I able to delete a Post after publishing it?

Yes, you can delete a Post from within Portal. Under the Posts tab, open the Post you need to edit and click on the red delete text.

Are Posts shareable outside of the YouVersion App?

Yes, you can share a Post via text, email, AirDrop, and many other ways!

Can a Post be created/edited within the YouVersion App?

No, Posts must be created and maintained from the Church Portal.

Do Posts allow me to share links (hyperlink) to my Church community?

Yes, you can add in hyperlinks while creating or editing a Post.

Can I add an image to a post?

No, adding images to posts is currently not available.

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