How to Add an Online Message Link

Updated by Geoff Hensley

Since Events admins can add various types of modules we make it easy to add a link directly to online services— whether hosted on Facebook, YouTube, or even the free Church Online Platform.

Go to and sign in with your YouVersion account (we recommend setting up a separate account for your church from your personal account. Learn more here).


Next, click “Create New Event” or edit an existing one. If setting up a new Event, enter your Event Name (we recommend the title of your current sermon), your church name, and a brief description of your church. You can even add an optional logo or image.

Locations & Times

Enter your church’s normal meeting location for the purpose of helping people in your area easily find your Event. Then add the time(s) that you normally meet and want the Event to be visible in the Bible App.


Now you can create your Event with very customization content modules.

During this time we strongly encourage you to start with an “External Link” module that directs people to your online message.

For example:

Link Label: This Week’s Message

Body: Tap to watch this week’s message then come back to take and save notes.

URL: <Paste a direct link to your online message video>

You then can add other modules if you’d like, including Text, Bible Reference, Bible Plan, Image, Giving Link, Announcements or even other External Links.

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