FAQs of Insights

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Insights allows you to view aggregated data to see how your church and the larger YouVersion Community are engaging with Scripture.

Your Church Insights
  • Your church Insights are available once your profile is published and at least five people have selected “Set As My Church.”
  • Data updates on a 3 day delay, which means that data from Sunday won't appear until 3 days later (so Wednesday).
  • Plan data is focused on people who have started a plan, as opposed to actual plan starts. This means that if one person starts multiple plans within a 28 day period, it would still only count as 1.
  • Data should pull in whether your plan is visible to friends or set to private.
  • If someone joins your church today, the data should still retroactively pull for the past 28 days.
  • If you have multiple locations, you will be able to view your church's overall data or filter by location.

  • YouVersion Trends are based on all activity from YouVersion, an app installed on over 500 million devices worldwide.
  • Trends are country based, but can be broken down by state in the United States.
  • If a country has less than 5 users it won’t reveal the data.

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