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You can add other people to your account so that they have access to manage your Church Profile, view Insights, and more.

Invite Person

  1. Select the Accounts tab
  2. Top Right: Select Invite Person
  3. Enter their email address
  4. Assign a role
    1. Role Types
      1. An Editor can edit your Church Profile and View Insights
      2. An Owner can edit your Church Profile, View Insights, add or edit Account Roles
      3. Delete locations
    2. Locations
      1. If your church has multiple locations, you can assign each person to a specific location
Once a person is invited, they'll need to accept via email before they can access their Church Portal account.

Resend Invite

  1. Select the Accounts tab
  2. Select the Person you want to re-invite
  3. Under "Invite pending. This user has not accepted your invite." you will see the option to "Resend Invite" to send the initial invitiation to that person again.

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